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Professional capability building is more than a HR transaction. It is about creating an environment for change, ensuring credibility from within, and unlocking passion, purpose, and motivation. But for this transformation to work, learning & development solutions must be more than a commodity.

State-of-the art solutions need to be designed by proven experts in the field, must provide a real competitive edge in the daily business, and have to be seamlessly transferable into the day-to-day business. 

We have a solution for you that does exactly that. And a powerful team on your end is the key to unlock it!

Do the following situations sound familiar?

We feel your pain. But we have a solution that will help you.   

Our enablement solutions at a glance

interactive E-LEARNINGS​

No matter the topic, our e-learnings are guaranteed to delight your sales & marketing teams with their ease of use and practicality.

Self-service toolkits​

Our toolkits are the perfect way for your teams to anchor their newly gained knowledge in practice. Smart, intuitive, and 100% compatible with our e-learnings. 


Sales & marketing teams are the eyes and ears to the customers of your organization. In order to perform at their best, they need to be enabled with the right set of knowledge, skills, and tools. Let us help you with that.

Boost Sales
(Improve the present)

Inspire Transformation
(Secure the future)

Identify your organization's capability needs

Let us meet, asses the capability needs of your organization, and define which trainings and tools best support your company’s learning & development goals.

Find the right digital enablement solution

While digital trainings are the perfect way to build professional capabilities in an interactive way, toolkits enable your teams to put their learnings directly into practice.

Implement a small-scale pilot

Start off with a small number of pilot users, test our solutions, collect your teams’ feedback, and share your first success stories.

Customize & scale your enablement approach

Customize your digital trainings and toolkits as needed, integrate them into your LMS, and implement motivating digital learning paths for your teams.

Create a sustainable learning impact

If needed, further enable your sales & marketing teams with personal project support and coaching from our experts and partners.

What are you waiting for?

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Developing and retaining talent is one of the biggest business challenges of our time. We are deeply convinced that you can solve this problem if you are willing to transform your organization through a culture of lifelong learning and innovation. 

You deliver the spark – we provide the platform. Let’s jointly shape the future!

Selected customer Reviews from our Shop

Customer segmentation is both science and art. This e-learning with its many interactive exercises has done a good job at guiding the user through the process and its practical relevance. You can feel that the content has been prepared by seasoned industry professionals

Philip Glörfeld

Having worked in pricing for several years, I found this e-learning to be accurate and to the point. While the training showcases different strategies that you can adopt for your business, the toolkit allows you to directly put these ideas into practice. Highly recommended!

Alexander Neuhardt

This is probably one of the best Key Account Management trainings for B2B you will find on the market. Solid theoretical information, loads of practical input, and very engaging. In combination with the comprehensive account plan toolkit a must-buy for anyone working in the field!

Benjamin Bidermann
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